Training Workers to Recognize Safety Hazards

With over 20 years of experience in the safety field, Cen‑Tex Safety Services is dedicated to impacting worker safety through education, training, and consulting.

Our mission at Cen‑Tex Safety Services is to ensure the health and safety of all workers and to assist employers in complying with OSHA standards, reducing job‑related accidents, and lower workers’ compensation rates.

Safety is a vital part of our daily lives, both on the job and off the job. We at Cen‑Tex Safety are dedicated to educating workers on the ability to recognize safety hazards that may present an imminent danger. Workers that are able to point out safety hazards will take appropriate measures to abate the hazard, therefore preventing an injury or even a fatality.

We conduct safety training (also in Spanish) on various safety standards that are required by OSHA. Some of our services include conducting on-the-job safety meetings, daily job hazard analysis training, on‑the‑job site‑specific safety training, and much more.

Cen-Tex Safety offers consulting services which include job‑site safety inspections, reviewing current safety programs to ensure OSHA compliance, and assisting clients with creating site‑specific safety plans that may be required by certain contractors.

With a strong safety program, many companies are able to reduce their workers' compensation rates, reduce on‑the‑job injuries, and be more competitive in their market. Call us to discuss your safety training or consulting needs on your current project or upcoming project.